Thursday, May 14, 2009

If I am God...


If I am God
I would resign
My responsibilities are gigantic
The consequences of my acts
Are usually traumatic

If I am God
I'd be tired easily
Racism here, racism there
Racism is everywhere

If I am God ------------------------------------------------- - --------------- If I am God
I'd resign no more -----------------------------------------------------I'd really cover my ears
Why I changed my mind? ------------------------------- ---- ----When all opposing teams
I'll let Islam, Christianity ------------------------- ---- - ----------- -In each tournament
And other beliefs in unity ------------------------ --- ---------Utter their respective prayers

If I am God
I'd be damned
To allow countless deaths
In many wars

If I am God
I'd impersonate a clown
As I want everyone
To erase their frown

If I am God...
But I could not be...
If I am God...
But there's no way!


BK said...

If I have the unique power, I think what I really hope for is for the world to unit as one race - the human race, where we can treat each other with love and respect.

bluedreamer27 said...

hmmm i might be thinking of it if im in his position
thanks for sharing
just dropping by here again have a great day and happy blogging

Dragonblogger said...

Unique poem, and unique way to place the verses in the shape of a cross. I enjoyed reading it, and it speaks true of people's frustration on what is allowed to happen in this world.

Roy said...

hehehe... reminds me of the movie Bruce Almighty

Bruce said 'Yes to all' powers, chaos ensued

a pretty neat poem, I must say.

well done!

zorlone said...

Having such Omnipotence has its own burdens. hehehe. Doing what you must, but there are infinite things to do...


VanillaSeven said...

LOL, thank God, He never tired.

WebbieLady said...

@ BK,

I think humans just have different thoughts and ideas thus, we can't be that one... but the idea came to my mind, "what if"?

@ Blue,
Indeed. The same stuff i was thinking when I created these lines. ^^

@ Dragon Blogger,
The shape was tricky to make but at the end, I'm glad it took the form. Thank you for passing by. Your oems are much much better. You're an expert and this is my first. ^^

@ Roy,
I never watched Bruce Almighty yet. Now you give me reason to "must see" it. Maybe at dinner tonight. Thanks for the encouragement.

@ Z,
Indeeed, Z. "With great power comes great responsibilities", right? ... spiderman. ^^

Haha! Yeah!

Jana said...

lovely, creative, made me smile!
thanks for always giving us to enjoy such brilliant masterpieces:-)full with so many truths!
have a good weekend!

Jena Isle said...

This is an enterprising way of depicting a poem. Simple but meaningful.

WebbieLady said...

@ Jana,

Thanks for always being there to inspire. Have a great weekend too, n miss you dearie.

@ Jena,
Thanks for passing by. It's the first time I get a remark from you and this fact makes me feel good aĆ²ready as you are a model poet/author for me. ^^

Eddie Garcia said...

I am very thankful that none of us will be given the opportunity to hold the position of God. I know that if I had the knowledge of what my tomorrow holds, I would probably mess it up somehow, therefore I can only imagine what awful mistakes I would make if given the chance to make Godly decisions for even an hour. I am thankful that we serve such a loving and compassionate God whether everyone acknowledges this truth or not!

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