Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How She Wish She Could Stay...

She doesn’t know how long he’s been holding her. But it must have been for quite some time. She feels warm in his hands already and she was lost in this feeling. She was so lost that she could not even identify for how this good feeling has been settling in her senseless senses. “He likes me,” she thought with pride.

He is one of the best companions she has ever met. When they met the other day he simply took her around but the moment he decided to know her deeply, he was drawn into her… also deeply. Thus, from that moment onwards he never left her: he continued trying to know her the best way he can. The idea is, the better he knows her, the more enjoyment, and the more pleasure he could feel for her. He took her wherever he goes around, even just around the apartment: bedroom, kitchen, living room, the bathroom! Oh yes, the bathroom! She despises the bathroom moments though.

She tries to forget the bad feelings she has for his acts; no bad sentiments for him absolutely, but only for his acts, as she likes him so good. No one has paid interest to her so far more than he does. The touches he gives her, if she thinks of those moments she can do nothing but murmur “oohhh hmmmm” so softly. The urgency of his needs for her, “Oh lovely!” He is such a wonderful and adorable being for her. She’s so glad they met.

They have been together for few days and now that he has spent a lot of very high quality time with her, she knows that something will make them apart. She just know it by instinct and with the thought alone, she shivers. “How I wish we can be together like this forever” she desperately thought. However, she knows for sure that no matter how close to each other they get, there is always a hindrance or two or even more to their togetherness.

How can she stay with him? This thought, she actually has been thinking since the day he laid hands to her but this question cannot be positively answered. She thinks again as to how but there can’t be any solution. They have to be separated and all she can do now is feel the moment and cherish the feeling. Indeed, feel this very moment of the most wonderful hours of her life. “No need to think ahead, the beautiful present is here,” she tried to comfort herself with this thought.

She was smiling to herself as he touch her even more rapidly and with more urgency. She knows he is coming there... in the climax... and this thought made her even more happy. Oh yes! He is coming there. One more… one more… one more page and he came to the climax of her story and then he'd come to the end. Tomorrow she’ll be back to her lonely shelf in the Central Library but for the time being she is happy. Very happy in fact.