Sunday, April 19, 2009

Their Lip-to-Lips Encounter

She noticed it’s starting to get dark already. It is spring and they are in Western Europe thus the sun sets later in the night. At eight in the evening the sun is still blazing. Thus, she estimates that it is past eleven with the darkness swallowing the space around them. They are alone. Although he looks ragged and exhausted this time she could sense his satisfaction as he continues to hold her. The closer he takes her to his own lips the more satisfied he gets. She feels the same sensation.

“Why do I feel so special when I’m with him”? She asked herself. The quiet night has made their togetherness even closer. The cool breeze, passing through that terrace where they are in at the third floor of the apartment, can make someone shiver if alone, but not in their case as they have each other.

“Hmmmm… gratifying!” He moaned the moment he parted his lips and meeting hers. It made her whole being proud again. This statement from him proved her value once again. He looks more relaxed now. As she looks at him, she realizes that she missed him so much. It has been weeks or even more than a month since they last met and feel this beautiful moment that they offer to each other. “Oh yes! This feeling is mutual and the pleasure is reciprocal”, she boldly thought.
wine glass, beautiful story, interesting story, how a wine glass feel“Is he even aware how glad I am?” She wondered. Sometimes she resent him for taking her for granted. He sees her lesser these days and this fact makes her feel really ignored. But she is patient enough about this and she perseveres. The pleasure of having him is immeasurable and she is certain that in a way or another, he’d be needing her.

The night is getting colder and it’s almost midnight. She’s lost in her thoughts despite the repeated meetings of their lips. “What makes him busy? Why he sees me less frequent these months? Is it his wife? His kids?” She tried to explore the possibilities but getting an answer to each question is futile. She simply hopes she knows why. She would understand as what she always do to him: understand and persevere and be patient.

It’s past midnight. She’s back to her alert mode as he played her whole being with his warm touches. She likes it so much. She wants to be with him as long as possible. But with this deep sensation, when he touches her in a strange and satisfying manner like this, as what he always does, she knows that it is time for him to go soon. She is both happy and sad at this very moment. Happy that they met again yet she is unhappy to think that in few minutes, their ways would separate again.

He continued stroking her. Then in an unexpected instant, he pulled her lip closer to his. It’s the last shot. She took a glance at his bottle of liquor and it’s empty. She knew very well, time to be apart. A wine glass will not serve him. She is of no use for him anymore, till their next meeting when he has a new bttle of liquor to open and pour. She needs to be washed now and kept.

He’s done with her at least for now. He sipped the last drop of her gratifying, heating alcohol content. Sometimes she regrets being a wine glass as he slammed her on the table after his last sip. She’s alone now and she feels very cold, without him and with her contents all sipped by him.