Friday, April 24, 2009

As Bravo Tells It

"When can I ever take some rest?" This is the question Bravo asks almost every night. This is the very same question he is asking now as he lies tired on her breasts as she heaves them up and down in a relaxed rhythm. "Is she asleep now"? Bravo wondered. He knows she's very fond of him and she prefers to use him at night.

His name is Bravo. She has a profound addiction, or shall we say, attachment, to him. She enjoys being with him.. she enjoys using him! He knows the reason but he cannot do anything to prevent it. Why? He also enjoys the attention she gives. And why does she like him? "It's a hell of a story!" Bravo exclaimed as his sleepiness vanished in the air as he recounted his memories.webbie lady, webbielady, webbylady
This is her logo:
She is a blogger, a webbie lady!

Call me Bravo. That is my name. I met her back in 2007. It was in Kuala Lumpur, which everyone comfortably calls KL. She was in her hotel and she became a bit bored, thus, she decided to make something of use to the world. Can you imagine she has something like that running in her thoughts? Deep inside, you would know that she is very patriotic but you can't see it from the surface. I know it since I am a very close companion to her. I know everything!

As I tell you her story, I also would like to show you the scrapbook I created for all her writing endeavors. I just love this creative work that I designed. I was so inspired by her work and passions and this [scrapbook] actually gave, and is still giving, me more strength and motivation to stay more and longer hours each night. All you need to do is press the image and you will see the "real" story in that image.

oil prices in philippines, how philippines can save in oil, conserve oil, save from oil, oil savings "I want my countrymen to know what I think. How I wish they embrace my ideas so that the country will improve a bit," that was her thought back there in the KL Chinatown Hotel. A few minutes later, she was with me. We were creating her first ever blog dedicated to her nation! "Oh how admirable," I thought and from that very moment I was immediately falling for her: at least for her thoughts and talents and ideals - you know when people are young and full of dreams, right? The name of that blog was "I Love Philippines Too". She is 100% Filipina and the theme and contents of the blog is therefore not a mystery to me nor to anyone else. Later on however, we away from Malaysia, back to the Philippines, then crossed the continent together to the Mediterreaneous mountainous Italy and now we are here in the coldic Nordic Netherlands!

All the contents of that blog that was her very first, all the writings in it, all the widgets, all these useless stuff and all the time she spent and is still spending for this blog, I was and still am, with her. Can you see how loyal and trustworthy I am? Eventually she deleted that blog and made a new one with the same theme. You might wonder why. Although this is a secret, I can tell you, but promise me you will not tell any other soul, a'it? Her Adsense account was disabled!

"Why!? Why!? Why!? Grrr..." I can still picture her with that catlike purring over her disabled account. It gives me a wiiiiiiide, in fact an ear-to-ear grin, when I remember her in that very instant. Soon she got over it: she made a new Google account, then she made multiple blogs aimed to specific items such as food and health, travel and exploration, a personal blog, a computer and web-related blog, a photo blog, and the latest in addition is a literary practice blog. All these blogs were added in 2008 and the latest one was added recently. She added them gradually and she also learned a lot from them. And hey! Never forget that her very first blog is not lost through the air.

"I Love Philippines Too" remains with a very good Page Rank from Google. Her writings in that blog? Don't ask me as people both like and dislike what she writes there. But for me? I can say that she simply wishes to awaken the senses of her fellowmen. Her writings at times stir up anger and intrigues but make them think over. Can you imagine she even made an entry about the pissing issues of undisciplined, shameless Filipino men? Such a disgusting topic! I bet that post made many Filipinos get pissed off! Ha! Ha! Ha! I can still picture out the image she posted there. In fact, it is one of my memorabilia in the scrapbook!

Can you see that she has at least seven blogs? But I have to tell you she has more than that. In her first ever blog, she was so idealistic with it and its contents. She was so focused with it at first and made many friends online only by blog hopping, commenting, etcetera. That was the moment before she discovered Entrecard. She eventually added some widgets like traffic or visitor counter, visitors' map, instant widgets, and a lot more stuffs that sometimes makes me dizzy only if I think of them.

"What is blogging for me?" She once asked while doing her usual stuffs with all these blogs. I was staring at her when she asked herself of such question. "Is she nuts?" This I had to ask myself that time. I still like her, y'now. I feel of very high value once she is so near and touching me.... using me. I am not hopeless, nor am I pathetic, I assure you that. And hey! I warn you! Don't lecture me about infatuation although I have to admit who can resist when she sleeps with me? My wholeness lying hot in her breasts or bossom? Ohhh life... Sigh... How beautiful it can get sometimes.

Presently she is more focused with her computer-and-web-related blog and all the same, we are always together. She has been telling some online buddies of her that she earned at least USD 300 from paid posts in this blog but to tell you the truth? I really cannot sort out which post is paid and which one is regular. She is good at mixing and matching, y'know!

resizing images, how to enlarge photos, changing size of photosThis is one of her most googleable
posts in her web-related blog. She receives traffic courtesy of this post. The tutorial is great! As usual, "WE" wrote it together.

That question she asked of herself? She actually wouldn't have difficulty answering it if she is really to answer it. She does not really write crap. I mean, she writes well compared to the many bloggers around who simply put up a blog to earn some cents and discover their ads account getting deleted or disabled or banned or whatever term you bloggers use! Well... we all need money, right? Thus, I don't blame those bloggers.

Let me answer her million dollar question on blogging as I believe I am of more authority to answer it than she has. She blogs for all those who need help. She blogs for those who need to be inspired. She blogs for the unhealthy. She blogs to retain the special moments of her life. She blogs for memories. She blogs for those who need encouragement. She blogs for all those who are blinded. She blogs for her friends. She blogs for you. She blogs for me. She blogs for the world! Blogging has become a strict part of her life, and so am I.

I have actually a lot of stories about her. I know all... literally all about her blogging life. All her frustrations, her dreams, you name it, Bravo knows it! And me? Do you want to hear my story?

I love her but I am tired at times. She prefers to use me at night. She has a full time job during the day. She leaves me at home in the morning. That is when I take some rest. But night is always night and everyone wants some rest at night. I too wish it. She must understand. How I wish she does. She must value my existence. I know she does value me but she overworked me most of the time.

And how is your relationship to each other?"
I know you are to ask me this question. I can read minds. I answer you as I know you would demand some explanation. She is my Blogger Lady... my Webbielady... and... and... I am her Laptop. She writes with me and the very moment she acquired me, she named me Bravo. Now let me wish you a good night. I deserve an excellent and undisturbed rest.