Monday, April 20, 2009

Her Last Laugh

She was his childhood companion. She could not remember exactly when did they meet but for sure he was only a teenager by then. He is a very grown man now. He is near forty to be exact. In fact, he is so much different from before and for a long number of years that the have been together, she knows that he has a very strong attachment to her. Not even his previous flings, girl friends or even his wife can make their connection malfunction. "Oh yes and NOT even his wife who surely despises me!" She grunted this with both pride and a bit of anguish.

She is too glad that he is holding her now. "Oohh what a beautiful life," she muttered. He keeps on touching her, holding her and taking her near his lips every now and then. She feels like she is floating in the clouds working their way to the gates of heaven. It is such a lovely feeling, an ultimate pleasure, something that is to die for. He keeps doing his thing to her and she overly enjoys it.

Now that her life is almost at the 50% level, she thinks for a while amidst the great pleasure that she feels. She would be finished soon, she would be an amber-turned-ash substance very soon and she is very much aware of it. "Who cares about my end? I am a resurrected element and I know I would live again," she thought to herself with so much courage and confidence. She could even hear herself chuckling at that very thought.

She likes him so much and the fact that he is so attached to her: the past her, the present her and the future her, even make her more excited to be with him. He enjoys her company. He stays with her at least twenty times each day and she is so proud of him. This realization caused her to create a soft mirthless laugh.

It is almost over now. She has an even shorter life to live in this instant and she has to feel every pleasure she could get. His wife hates him for being so attached to her. She is happy that she always win him over his wife. She is a winner. He needs her. The wife is nothing. The wife is a loser. She is so happy with this thought and for the last moment, she emitted the light of life. She smiled, as she could hardly make a laugh now, for the last time before he crushed her consumed yet still lighted remains in the ash tray.