Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ralf and The Mayan Prophecy by Webbielady

Why are you so generous? I used to ask him.
It's just something material, it does not matter, the world will end soon, he'd always answer this way.

That's my friend Ralf. We went to secondary school together, ages ranging 12 to 17. Whenever we went to have lunch together, he'd pay for everything I ordered. Taxi, public transportation or even sometimes small school fees, he'd cover for me. He had always the same answer, that he does not need to keep any material things for him. He actually believed that the world was to end soon so no point in keeping anything.

Now that the popular Mayan Phophecy, about the world ending this year, I thought of Ralf. We have facebook contact and I know, by chatting with him from time to time that he did not change. He's still the same generous person I used to know. I know I could not beat his generosity. nor any person that I know alive could do that, it's just so deep and from within him. If a good proportion of humanity is like Ralf, the world would be a better place to live in. This world may end this year, but if no greediness is in everyone's character and generosity is in the air, and everyone have their fair share of material belongings, no war and famine would be necessary. This way, we'll all be happy to face the ending.