Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life and Happiness

Life and Happiness

Sitting on the grass, under trees’ shadow, sunbeams through the
leaves, inundates me.

Distant memories, current sadness crowding


As a bird floating up in the air, soaring.

The miracle of life, the nature.

The sweet lovely melody


That life, like happiness, is an instant.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

At the Festival: a cross-cultural love story

"Dad, why Mom looks different?" 

"Son, it's because mom is from Asia." 

"What is Asia, Dad?" 

"That is a continent, just like Europe or North America. We are in Germany and it is in Europe. Grandpa lives in Canada and that is North America. Asia, Europe and North America are all continents." 

"Hmmmm... but why? Can we go to Asia Dad? Maybe I can take the train again? I love it!" 

"Maybe this summer, Son. I will discuss it with mom so you will be able to see your relatives there too. And that takes an airplane, just like when we had our trip to uncle in Turin three months ago, remember?" 

"Wow! That's even more exciting then! Okay dad, I hope we can go soon, I really would love to fly again!" 

It seems just yesterday when I met Sharry in the Philippines. My friends from Germany decided to see this festival in a city in middle Philippines. It happens every third week of the January and there are just so many activities and contests that happen during this festival. Not to mention of course the "to-die for" beaches in that country. 

First, we went to a paradise-like beach called Boracay for one week. That was the second week of January in 2005. The week after, we visited Iloilo to enjoy this "Dinagyang Festival". It is a religious and touristic festival at the same time. Deeply, I am not so aware why this festival came in mind but maybe my friends have more ideas about this. All I can remember is that it was full of fun and people were all happy and nice. 

After the festival, we were supposed to go back to Germany. However, I got some virus from tropical water and I had to be admitted to the hospital. My friends did not have any choice but to leave me and take their return flights. My condition was hopeless. No relatives, no friends, weak health condition and no family member was there to attend to my needs. 

Sharry was one of the nurses monitoring me in the hospital where my friends brought me in. I was lucky to have mentioned to her my problem. She made it a point to make my life easier: helping me in every means she could and trying to comfort me that things would go all right. After a few days, I was back to normal. I did not go back to Germany that time. Sharry and I spent a little bit of time to know each other further. After 3 weeks I finally went back to Germany and Sharry went on with her work in the hospital. 

From the very moment we I was alone, I could not stop but to think of her. A year later, I went to witness Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo agian. I went to the hospital where Sharry work and lucky as I was, she was still there. We dated and and we got married a year later. 

Now we have our belowed son. It seems just yesterday but Dinagyang Festival had it happen

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cherishing 2009 European Patent Office Temp Job Experience

European Patent Office (EPO) Experience, Cherished
Originally posted in my another site, in 2009 and all typos and/or mistakes are left unedited....
Where should I start? Where should I start?
. __From my left, right, north or south?
. .___I better start to those offices adjacent to mine
. .____As they all are cherished in my heart and mind.

. ._____To Mr. D as I call Dave Bax
. .______Who’s always there to make me laugh
. ._______I was his Karate kid to the max
. _______.As our funny tournaments were a good way to relax.

. _______.To Filip Demuinck who’s an intelligent person that hired me
. .______I always thank that moment when you agree
. ._____That I’d be the one to be there in that office
. ____.Despite that very short notice.

. ___Anna Maria Mauri is never forgotten
___With my hard trying Italian to her I’ve spoken
__Anna, veramente mi manchi tanto
_Spero che ci vediamo piu presto.

To dear Christian Jaskowiak who’s like a father_
Listening to his life’s experiences is always a wonder__
I always love it when he tells tales___
About his family, his wife, son and daughters.____

Now let me start in another side of the hall_____
Where Ton Brabander’s office is behind that wall______
Ton is always fun to talk to_______
And I never forget that he sings great too!_______

Now let me see what’s there in the corner_______
Where Luis Pereira and Ian Sanford were______
I have nothing much to tell about you two_____
But I always am thankful to have worked with both of you.____

Back to the other side of the hall with Frederique Musson___
She was the one who taught me the first booking lesson__
I never forget her patience and perseverance_
I wish to thank her personally if I get the chance.

_Together with Fred there comes Chritèle Lorho
__The SAP expert who’s willing to help me or you
___Chritèle, I greatly salute you
____For being such a SAP guru.

_____A wall apart is Marga de Bruijn
______She is the one who erases our frown
_______She brings color to every corridor
________And I always find it strikingly cool.

________Not to forget the solid trio
_______Clarice, Rachid and David number two
______For you three, I can’t say nothing much
_____But it’s always great to have worked with your lot.

____Iana Teneva is the ultima
___How can I ever thank her and her Bulgarian aura?
__She helped me so much with everything
_And I’m glad that we’re still connected through blogging.

Eric Redout is the man_
If we need information or direction, he’s the one.__
Thank you Eric for all the laughter___
I wish your kites would always be there, higher and higher.____

Chris Corney is never forgotten_____
Even though in the Hague he’s rarely seen______
I always think that his home-base is in Munich ______
But I can say that his people skills is really great._______

What can I say more than thank all of you?_______
My stay was really great at EPO______
How I wish I can return_____
But if that can happen, it’s still not known.____