Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Her Garden Has Something

fairy tale, butterfly fairy, butterfly fairy, butterfly fairy tale, gardening tale, children's taleHer garden is her passion. It's her trophy as well. None of their many friends and acquaintances who became a guest to their home has left without seeing their garden-her garden. Each and every of these guests always exclaim beautiful praises for her gardening works whenever any of them take a look at her garden. It seems that anytime of the year, bulbs and petals are everywhere. The colors are varied and make the viewers' eyes really enjoy.

"I'm not alone in creating this beauty. The butterflies help me", she explains every time and her guests simply smile at this nite of hers.

She has to admit that gardening is not easy. When she started, she could not count the number of dying plants and flowers that passed by her hands but she persevered and continued trying. She knew that gardening has many good things in it. Among these many good things, she thinks of the utmost good side: she is building a playground for butterflies.

She remmebered that not even a single butterfly was present when she was starting and was still in the phase that most plants were dying when she tries to do something with them. But now, she could observe a good number of butterflies flying around anytime of the day as long as it's not raining hard and as long as the sun's light is still out. She loves butterflies. For her, a garden without butterfly seem to defeat the purpose of its existence. Butterflies add color to the existing beautiful colors that her plants and flowers in the garden already have.

fairy tale, butterfly fairy, butterfly fairy, butterfly fairy tale, gardening tale, children's tale
Seeing a color combination in motion amazes her- the color of flying butterflies in various colors and shapes. There are around at least seventy butterflies in her garden and when any of those butterfly hops in her hand while she does her gardeing, she tries to pause and converse with the beautiful creature. "Hi beautiful! What made you hop in my skin? I'm not a flower but I assume I'm sweet?" Even her make a wide grin when this situation happens and she would put the butterfly slowly in one of her garden's many blooming petals and off she goes back gardening again.

She continued this routine of talking to the butterflies as if they are humans. One day, while she was very happy doing her usual gardening stuff, as her mode of relaxation after going home from office, one very beautiful and strange looking butterfly hopped in her hand. As usual, she conversed with the beautiful creature. "How are you beautiful? Are you from this garden? I have never seen you before, have I?"

"I am doing great madam, and thanks to you. I'm from this garden of yours but I rarely go out." The butterfly talked back to her in a high pitched voice but just enough for her to hear it. Naturally she was taken aback by this fact.


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh...I so relate to this. You should keep it it up, you are great in what you do;)

Anonymous said...

I am not really a big fan of gardening however this post did make it sound interesting. However, I still will not pick up the habit of gardening. This was a good post and is this a true story? If it is not, its very original.

Icy BC said...

Very nice post, and story! I like to grow flowers and take pictures of them..

Thank you for your visit!