Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Her Garden Has Something (page 2)

The story's beginning...

She was about to scream but she tried to control herself and calm down. She closed her eyes and tried to convince herself that it's only her imagination that plays tricks to her. Then she also told herself that she might be having stress but she knew very well that she is always relaxed and stress is not a good explanation.

When she opened her eyes, the talking butterfly was still there. Now, it seemed that it is magnified. It seems bigger! And she could see the butterfly smiling at her.

"You need not be afraid, madam. I only came here to thank you for all the kindness and beautiful deeds you have done my servants and population. I always hear good report from each of them whenever they try to collect nectars from here. Today, I decided to see you personally." This explanation of the magical talking butterfly made her calm down a bit but she's still scared and felt very strange.

"But you are a butterfly! How can you talk back to me? You make me feel like I'm crazy here making this conversation with you!"

"You are not actually talking to me literally. It's in your mind only. I am also not talking to you literally but it appears to you that I am. We are conversing in our minds. My power allows us to do it."

"Sigh... at least I wont appear stupid. If they see me talking to you, or talking alone, I bet they'd advise me to see a psychiatrist. Thanks to this telepathic communication at least."

"I came here to award you one wish as your kindness is too much for us. Now have your wish and I'll grant it."

"Oh wow! Really!? How many wishes I am entitled to?"

"A single wish my dear."

"Hmmm... Let me see... Let me think. I wish... I wish to have... I wish... I wish that all my family stay in good health which means no sickness, no accidents, stuff like that."

"I understand. That wish is granted. You indeed have a golden heart. You did not ask for money or anything highly material. Because of that, you are entitled to one more wish a year from today. I hope you keep my species stay here and collect nectar."

"That is a pleasure to me. Thanks for granting my wish and am looking forward to my second wish next year. Thanks to your species too as you make my garden more beautiful."

She stood up and see happy butterfllies around her, hopping from one flower to another. She knew good deeds always have good returns. One just don't know when it would come, where it would come and most of all, what would come! She smiled to herself.


Jana said...

Lovely story...have u ever thought of writing...for living?have a good rest of the week, dont do too much gardening, enjoy the sun and the good things in life and take care!

Gorgeous MUM said...

Good story! How I wish I could have that kind of enthusiasm when it comes to plants and gardening! It honestly bores me! Good thing my husband takes care of that part and I don't have to worry about it.

That garden of yours will need a lot of work! But I guess it won't be that big work for you since you love those kind of stuff. And it's a nice diversion from your working lifestyle.

Thanks for sharing!

rainfield61 said...

A very nice written story, I love it.