Thursday, March 19, 2009

His Lamentations

He sits there in the corner. He is so quiet and pretends to be inexistent. He is very alive though and if anyone would pay some attention, it would be noticed that he is telling something. Looking closely, one would see in his face the message: the time, the date, the owner's name, the local extension, the operator's number, and so on and so forth.

His owner is busy. She is doing something that seems to be of importance but who knows if indeed it is important? She is busy. Or is she trying to be? He just listen. He listens to the tick and the tack of the keyboard as she uses it profusely. Maybe she is indeed busy. But she looks so relaxed and not pressured at all. He doesn't really believe that she is busy but he is confused. "Oh such a life", he thought.

"How I wish I can be like her and be so alive. I can only be alive in few moments each day. It is so boring sitting here, with my wires uncared that they might get cut due to so much entwining. No one cares for me. Not even her! She only remembers me when she needs me. Such a life, eh! I am bored. I am bored to death."

He looked at her. She was still busy. No time to touch him. Not even a chance to at least glance at him at this moment although she glances at him many times in some days when she is a bit nervous. He feels so dead and abandoned. No one cares for him. The day is about to end. She will go away. She will be out of the office and he would be there all night: alone in the cold, alone in the dark, alone in the crazy laid-out building.

It is time for her to go. She is preparing. And suddenly, he felt a hot tinged in himself. He was ringing and at last she held him. "Honey, I am coming down", she said excitedly. Then she slammed his receiver down and ran out of the door.