Sunday, June 28, 2009


armageddon, armageddon poem, cleansing the earth---------- ---------- If I am fire---
----------  ---------- I'll burn the world
--------------------  it is so chaotic
---------- ---------- it is no more safe;
--------------------  thus it needs cleansing.

--------------------  If I am water
---------- ---------- I'll flood all over
--------------------  I'll be everywhere
---------- ---------- an endless river
---------- ---------- happy to drown
--------------------  ---------- ---------- ---------- --              this earth forever.

---------- ----------      If I am soil
---------- ----------      I wan to be barren
---------- ----------      no one can use me,
---------- ----------      no one can produce from me
---------- ----------      as I cannot support this world's atrocity
---------- ----------      not to mention its insanity.

---------- ----------     If I am wind
---------- ----------     I'll strom the earth
---------- ----------     It is the only way
---------- ----------     I can blow away the filth
---------- ----------     that the so-called humans,
--------------------      its ungrateful inhabitants, 
--------------------  have scattered around.
--------------------  They are not humans to me but are hound!


Dragonblogger said...

Really good poem, and powerful imagery to match.

Ratty said...

Excellent poem. Very angry, and it matches the title very well.

Cinnamon said...

I really like the poem. I was going to say you sound angry, then I saw the comment ahead of me, the word "angry" was also used. Let's say you sound impatient and you'd really want to do something about the mess in this world.

Joanne Olivieri said...

Very well said and portrayed along with the photo.