Friday, May 22, 2009

What's the True Measure of Intelligence? (Page 1 of 3)


Jenora: Yes, I'm the Regional Finance Director of an International organization now. My responsibility covers Europe and Africa.

Me: That's amazing, Jen! I'm so glad to hear this big success of yours.

Jenora: The same is true here. I'm glad I heard from you. Remember our high school escapades? And have you heard anything about Lugina?

Me: In fact, I am planning to call her right after this conversation with you. I'd like that the three of us will have a reunion sometime when we happen to have some time to go back to our city.

Jenora: All right. Please let me know what's the latest with her if you can contact her. I would like to talk with her as well.

Me: No problem. Byw for now. I bet you're very busy. I'll call you again when I have news about our old dear friend. Ciao Jen.
What?!?! You have four kids now? That's a big surprise. I never expected that motherhood could happen to you so soon. I mean, we are 25 and you have five children. I just spoke with Jenora and we're still both single.

By the way, how have you been? It's been years since we last talked to each other. Tell me about you, Ludge.

Oh Rogue... It's been a crazy life for me. I never succeeded with my dreams. I'm stuck here in our city, with four children, with a life thrown. I mean, I do love my four little angels but sometimes I do regret I got into this marriage life so soon. My husband does not even have a permanent job. I did bad decisions and here I am. Sigh...

How's Jen by the way? You mentioned you just talked with her?

Yes Ludge. She's travelling all over Europe and Africa so she really is not staying in a single country. She sounded so pleased with her work. Ah, you know that go-getter. She has a residence in Munich though and she told me that if she has time, she stays there.

I'm so envoìious of you two. You have reached your dreams, while I.. I really think I'm a failure. Sigh.... Oh wait! That's my youngest crying. I bet she's hungry now. I'm still breast feeding her. Hope to talk yìto you soon Rogue. For now I need to hang up. Thanks for calling.


Gorgeous MUM said...

I guess you can never really measure intelligence. I know a number of girls who were very bright in school but doesn't seem to know the logic of their every move when it comes to love. Then they ended up being sorry for the outcome for their "stupidity".

We all chose the path we're taking, so I guess we better live with it and just make out the best!

Thanks for sharing this story!

bluedreamer27 said...

intelligence can be measure in different ways and manner

Anonymous said...

I have always been saying that intelligence is more than what meets the eye. Once again this is another of your great stories and I thought it was nice that this one was actually what you experienced.