Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Song of The Portuguese Girl (Translated): A Poetic Song of Francesco Guccini

And then and then, people come here and say that they already know the laws of the things.
And all, you know, have a blind pride made of empty formulas ...
And all, you know, will say how to do,
what laws to abide ,wath rules to observe, what is the real truth ...
And then, then, all closed inside many cells and they compete as to who yells stronger
in order not to think that stars and death make them frightened ...

at the Warm sun, the Portuguese girl come down at the beach
there was no words, just sounds like surprised voices ,
only the sea and her first maroon bikini,
the most beautiful things and the joy of warmth on the skin ...

the nearest friends seemed drowned by the sea voice ...
dreams or visions, something took her and she began to think,
she felt that she was just a point at the edge of a continent,
she felt that she was a nothing, the immense Atlantic in the front ...

And in this she felt something great
that she could not understand, that she couldn't perceive,
how she could explain if she had understood , this infinite ocean ...
But as the heat wrapped her, she felt dizzy and began to sleep
and then there was only the sun, like hands of the future;
and only the sea and a maroon bikini remaneid ...

And then and then, if you catch yourself to remember, you will learn that nothing matters
and you will understand that a night or a season is like a lightning of lights on and off
and you will understand that the real ambiguity
is the life that we live, something we call to be "human being "...
And then, then, the vice that will kill you is not to smoke or to drink,
but something that you have inside,
that is life, then life and then life
and then, then life ..