Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Aquarium

The Aquarium
 by Webbielady

 I'm just tired. I can't continue anymore.What's the point of living!? I cannot really see it. I am alone after all. At 43, I've just existed. Yes, ONLY existed: I work each day of my life but no passion, no love, no life, nothing! I am so bored of this routine.What else can I do? There's just nothing out there. Humanity itself is embarassing! Politics is a dirty game. This earth is nothing but a playground of egoism, betrayal, and horseshit?

Why should I belong here? I really don't want to. I want to cease my existence! How? How can I take my life without suffrage? I have suffered more than enough! Hanging myself is embarassing, it doesn't look pleasant after all so don't like that! Cutting my wrists? Oh, that's bloody! I don't want that either! I think I'll just drink a glass of milk with high concentrate of rat poison in it. Yeah, that's it! Eureka!

But... but...wait! How about my fishes? They are the only ones who cheer my day all these years and the only creatures that makes me happy a bit. They will suffer without me! Oh my poor ones! I can't let them suffer. What can I do now? Let me see. I do't like my beloved fishes to suffer any longer that I do. Wait! Hmmm... I think I'll just reduce the water in aquarium, place it in the kichen and I'll open the gas... Yes! That's it! I'll close the window and sleep in the kitchen with my fishes for our last moments on earth and together. Tomorrow my fishes and I will be not here anymore.........................

 ...the morning after...

 Yeah, yeah, I know! We're still alive indeed... I can't afford to kill my beloved fishes! I just have to face living in this disgusting world.