Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chapter I. I Am The Messenger

the messenger short storyNo regrets. I am as I am. I am the messenger. Anyone who wants his message delivered, I am glad to offer the service. My service costs a lot of money. How much? One attache case of bundled cash is the minimum. And my services cost blood and breath. "I'll take your breath away." This is always my first message to my recipients. Then, I deliver the final message..."the message of the messenger".

Most of the time, my recipients would laugh at my very face. The usual reaction is to take my first message as a joke. But once they hear the final message, they try to panic. Yet, the confusion stays in their expression. I know what they are thinking... that I am incapable... yes, incapable of ending their lives. I don't want to make people suffer from confused mind, thus, I always shoot them between the eyes to make them not to get confused further or to be confused longer than 30 seconds.

It's been 15 years of service. Yes, 15 years as a messenger. When I was 12, I started this profession. It was harsher for me back then, but I learned my lessons and lasted to this very day. I am not aware how many breaths I ended, or how many gallons of blood I allowed my recipients to waste for all these years. I have no idea. I cannot even count. But I am sure I am okay with all those cash I received from those who availed my services. I got a few sacks of them at my place.

... to becontinued...

I am the Messenger Chapter II. That Last Day