Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blue Moon

The nights's approaching. It's  nine o'clock and 15 minutes but they stayed still in the park. Spending the whole afternoon and early portion of the evening lying in the park's grass is a perfect moment. Who can imagine? Happiness need not necessairily be expensive. He noticed that all those movie moments, disco moments, special dinner moments, he cannot compare those feelings to what he's feeling right now.

Almost all the park goers have gone home for dinner. They're still there, lying in their backs on the grass, talking nonsense, talking about their dreams as they hold each other's hand.

"Are you hungry?" he asked her.

"No. Can we stay a few more minutes? I love the feeling that we are together with only the sound of nature around. Why? Are you hungry?" She asked him back with concerned tone.

"No. I was just thinking of you. We're here for quite some time."

"Indeed but the feeling to be in this way is amazing, y'know. Who knows what the future holds? We may go back in this park someday with our children..." She left the sentence hanging.

"Children??? You mean? You mean? I mean, why the concept of children came to your mind?"

"Oh come on!" She teased him as she pulled his face and deeply kissed him.
"I thought for quite some time about what you said and what you tell me almost everytime... that you really love me. We've been together for so many years and I want to say I appreciate everything. No one else cares for me as you do. I mean, what else should I look for? All is laid down good for me. It's you!"

"Are you sure you're not hungry?" He tried to relax himself and return the teasing though deep down inside he's feeling so nervous, excited and full of anticipation.

"No. I just want to tell you something important before we head for dinner. I love you, too".

"Oh God! At last I heard those words I've been dying to hear for years."

He pulled her close and they kissed for a long time. The moment they realize it's really getting late, they saw the moom so full and big and it looks like it's tainted with blue. It's a lovers' moom. They are meant for each other. His happiness tonight is so much that he could hardly breath. 

"Oh at last! Thanks God." He was whispering and grateful for this special night.

"Let's go and have dinner, Sweetheart." She pulled his hands and as soon as they're near each other, they walked with his hand wrapping her shoulders while hers is around his waist.


Ratty said...

A pretty good story. I read so many blogs about nature on the internet. Your blog with stories is a good refreshing change for me.

bluedreamer27 said...

nice one
thanks for sharing

have a great day and happy blogging to you my friend