Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cherishing 2009 European Patent Office Temp Job Experience

European Patent Office (EPO) Experience, Cherished
Originally posted in my another site, in 2009 and all typos and/or mistakes are left unedited....
Where should I start? Where should I start?
. __From my left, right, north or south?
. .___I better start to those offices adjacent to mine
. .____As they all are cherished in my heart and mind.

. ._____To Mr. D as I call Dave Bax
. .______Who’s always there to make me laugh
. ._______I was his Karate kid to the max
. _______.As our funny tournaments were a good way to relax.

. _______.To Filip Demuinck who’s an intelligent person that hired me
. .______I always thank that moment when you agree
. ._____That I’d be the one to be there in that office
. ____.Despite that very short notice.

. ___Anna Maria Mauri is never forgotten
___With my hard trying Italian to her I’ve spoken
__Anna, veramente mi manchi tanto
_Spero che ci vediamo piu presto.

To dear Christian Jaskowiak who’s like a father_
Listening to his life’s experiences is always a wonder__
I always love it when he tells tales___
About his family, his wife, son and daughters.____

Now let me start in another side of the hall_____
Where Ton Brabander’s office is behind that wall______
Ton is always fun to talk to_______
And I never forget that he sings great too!_______

Now let me see what’s there in the corner_______
Where Luis Pereira and Ian Sanford were______
I have nothing much to tell about you two_____
But I always am thankful to have worked with both of you.____

Back to the other side of the hall with Frederique Musson___
She was the one who taught me the first booking lesson__
I never forget her patience and perseverance_
I wish to thank her personally if I get the chance.

_Together with Fred there comes Chritèle Lorho
__The SAP expert who’s willing to help me or you
___Chritèle, I greatly salute you
____For being such a SAP guru.

_____A wall apart is Marga de Bruijn
______She is the one who erases our frown
_______She brings color to every corridor
________And I always find it strikingly cool.

________Not to forget the solid trio
_______Clarice, Rachid and David number two
______For you three, I can’t say nothing much
_____But it’s always great to have worked with your lot.

____Iana Teneva is the ultima
___How can I ever thank her and her Bulgarian aura?
__She helped me so much with everything
_And I’m glad that we’re still connected through blogging.

Eric Redout is the man_
If we need information or direction, he’s the one.__
Thank you Eric for all the laughter___
I wish your kites would always be there, higher and higher.____

Chris Corney is never forgotten_____
Even though in the Hague he’s rarely seen______
I always think that his home-base is in Munich ______
But I can say that his people skills is really great._______

What can I say more than thank all of you?_______
My stay was really great at EPO______
How I wish I can return_____
But if that can happen, it’s still not known.____