Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life and Happiness

Life and Happiness

Sitting on the grass, under trees’ shadow, sunbeams through the
leaves, inundates me.

Distant memories, current sadness crowding


As a bird floating up in the air, soaring.

The miracle of life, the nature.

The sweet lovely melody


That life, like happiness, is an instant.

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Nikhil Patel said...

First of all, I must congratulate you on such a beautiful use of the internet. It has been a pleasure reading your poetry and other articles.

Moving on, I randomly was searching on a topic about human intelligence and stumbled upon your comment in one of the blogs. Next when I visited your page, I realized how good your work is! This is truly impressive.

The way this poem has been presented, it seems it has been a good trip for you. A trip called Life, which in itself is the biggest trip! The apt use of punctuation and word arrangement has grasped my attention as well. The elixir-like truth of life, that it is a nothing but just another moment, has been put forward in a subtle manner. It is also noticeable how the feelings of an artist have been masked for a common man to comprehend. This is a literary work.

I just wanted to say it was nice to read it :)

Thank you.