Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pain... at 17:05 26/07/11


Some hate it
some love it
some avoid it
some embrace it

Is it essential?
Is it immaterial?
Is it lethal?
But is it mortal!

It's nothing
But humane!


Jacob said...'re a poet. That's why you don't want to write a poem for a penny! :-)

Thanks for visiting Creative Confections!

Poetry is nice, I'm told
Even if at times
The writing of it
Can seem to be
Not at all humane
But filled with pain!

And then what doth
A poet get
For all her efforts
Struggling yet
To verbalize
The voices in her head?

One thing's for sure
A poem is worth
At least a penny
Maybe more.
If not I think
I'm gonna have to turn to drink.

Multibrand said...

I like the poem.
But .. some love pain ?
Hmmmmm ...............

WebbieLady said...


You're such an incredibly expert poet... that's an amazing way to comment.

Hand, arms and shoulder pains..Will be better soon hopefully. That's what inspired me.


Jana said...

bravo! u are so right, its just human...