Thursday, November 01, 2012

This is the summary The Ghost Town by Webbielady

I used to have them. How much I enjoyed listening to their ideas, seeing their brilliance, feeling their concern for me, their love for the nature, their everything. Now they are gone, gone to far away places and I miss them. Those kids, they broke my heart to pieces, really chopped it thinly and then pulverized it real good. The only consolation I have is the fact that they did break my heat but unintentionally. Yes! They were forced to do so. I know it pains them to know my situation and I know that. This is the reason why I keep my silence, I don't want them to come back here just for me. I want them to be happy, I wish them a happy and fulfilled life.

They left five years ago. I see them probably twice or thrice since then. Everytime they go back home, it relieves me to see how contented they are, how successful they are. It makes me happy listening ot their stories of their adventures, their tales of the lovely lands they went too, their bragging against each other who got the best land of choice. At the same time it disturbs me, it makes me think no one of them actually remembers me nor cares for me. But deep within me, I know them, I know that they care, I know they love me, but they can't blame me if I doubt it, sometimes they are just too loud about their contentment somewhere else than here.

Ten years ago, they were just starting their university days. These kids were restless, full of passion for their studies and their focus towards success. Sometime they stay at night and make their presentations for their university projects and it used to cheer me to no limit hearing their lines in the middle of the quiet night, how they see the future, how they plan to share their minds and soul for the better of their motherland. Those days are gone. I have no one here left. All I have are memories, beautiful memories, their dreams fulfilled with me as a collateral beneficiary. It's painful.

These days, what I hear around are relatives of these kids bragging about the latters' success. They spend here, they brag there, they throw parties everywhere. Their kids are abroad, earning so much money so these people here think they can drink unlimited and can gamble all day. Or worse, the younger ones don't study as hard since they don't feel the hardships their older brothers and sisters went through to attain success. These people here have no future, they are lifeless! I hope they wake up one day and realize their mistakes. I hope they get back to life. As of now, they are nothing but living dead. I call them ghosts. And I am the ghost town. I am a town in the Philippines!

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